Known Issues for FF-lkcalc

Release id/Description
(build ?)
planned (driver 0.1.1, matching 1.6.4)

new features in this release

  • p8
    allow the direct paste of castle link from the LK Application (you can copy the link from lk app and then press one button to get the coordinates extracted)
  • p34
    add some context sensitive help
  • p39
    show the settings of the research in the free version even when you can't change them. (currently in free version, all calculations are done with NO RESEARCH)
(build 7)
initial release (driver 0.1.1, matching 1.6.4)

known issues

  • p4
    night fight currently does not work with current simulator and needs redesign
  • p18
    poison arrows accidentally removed from app settings
  • p21
    attack details are not carried over (you can enter them but they are not saved and reset to defaults next time you open attack details again)
  • p23
    In the fight simulator half rounds (where both parties get only half damage) are labeled [full]. This is misleading.
    German localization does not exhibit this behavior.
  • p35
    some texts are not translated correctly in the german version.