Release Notes for FF-sispm

Release Description
0.2.3 (planned) ff-sispm
  • complete redesign of usb driver core
  • add bluetooth driver core
  • add support for MSIS-PM (Gembird single socket usb power management)
  • add event hooks for AppleScript & Automator
  • various UI changes to prepare 0.3.0 (eg. multidevice ability)
  • preferences USB and bluetooth now have own preferences
  • add bluetooth control functions
0.2.2 ff-sispm-helper
  • new features
    • added helper app for commandline access
0.2.1 ff-sispm
  • new features
    • buzzer control now either application or device controlled
0.2.0 ff-sispm
  • fixed bugs
    • fixed a bug that caused a crash on start if device is not connected
    • socket status is now correct, changes during runtime of app are reflected
    • fixed some timing issues (visible as device id=n/a)
  • new features
    • improved UI to make visible if device is connected or not
0.1.0 ff-sispm
  • known bugs
    • starting the app with no device connected, results in app termination
    • changing active / passive flag could overwrite current socket status
    • timing problem while reading device status (results in device id = na)
    • if device was not connected at app start, no access was possible