FFkeystore: basic operation

provide strong password

After starting the application you are in the main window. On top you enter the password which is used to encrypt your password. To get access to you passwords, enter you password and press the decrypt button.

Note: The primary workflow of the application is heavily influenced by the paranoia level in the settings.

Note: You key store password should be a strong one (complex) which can withstand a dictionary based attack - do not use real words like House2Cat28373Dog and then think, this is a strong password.
The length should be no less than 12 chars. The more the better because your chance to generate a password which is not crackable on a dictionary based increases then.

Note: If your key store password is gone, then all of your protected passwords are too. There is no way to retrieve them so: Do not forget your keystore password!

adding a new password

You can add new passwords after you have provided your keystore password. If you try to add a password without providing a key store password, you see an error dialog, reminding you to enter the key store password.

locking a password

When you successfully had added some passwords, you can lock them. Locking is a mechanism to make it harder to accidently delete the password because you first must unlock a password before you can remove it.

Note: You can make new passwords locked by default in the settings.

removing a password

After providing the keystore password, you can remove password with the delete password button. The marked password will be deleted without further notice.

Note: You can not delete locked passwords. Locked passwords have a check mark in the lock column. You first must remove the check mark before you are able to delete the password.

strength meter

There is a five segment level indicator, which quickly shows you, how strong your password is (red=no. NO. NOOOO! orange=bad - you can do better! green=may be good). Below the meter are 2 additional fields: the entropy counter (more entropy = stronger password) and the number of chars used (more chars = better).

Default password not strong enough

That is correct. It just a very silly default password, which work on nearly every brain damaged password system (only chars and digits). If you need something better as this, I suggest the keyring application. When you choose "add new password" you then can make the password assistant visible, choose random and 16 as length to get strong suggestions.