ff_md5drop - multithread md5 hash calculator

license free
plattform PPC / Intel
MacOS X 10.5 and later

key features


This application utilize GCD and will use you CPU resources to-the-max under 10.6 (snow leopard). All components are threads (load / save file list in a thread, read the file system in multiple threads, calculate the MD5 checksum in one thread for each file).
This application is made for thousands of thousands of files - try it yourself!

load / save of file lists

You can use file lists to quickly compare folder trees against this list. This will quickly identify all changed files which were modified after the list were created.


All marked lines can be copied to the clipboard. You can use this Information in shell scripts or other applications.

as of 09.02.2011

Support of this free application is discontinued as there seems to be no interest. If you like this app and you want that it is supported, please use the flattr button.

ff_md5drop 0.5.0 will stay free but no further changes / bugfixes will be done

as of 26.05.2011

Note: 0.5.0 contains a small leak, that will leak about 64 bytes per file scanned

FF-hashdrop will have continued support. It is available in the mac app store for a very reasonable price, you can still use ff_md5drop if you like, but currently there are NO UPDATES planned for this application.